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Inspired by the RIOT GRRRL movement in the 90's and the local NZ post-punk music scene that is still strong today, Founder and Director of GRRRL FEST, Gwyn Barrie, decided enough was enough. 

Gwyn says it was a matter of 'see a need - fill a need'. "I wanted to start GRRRL FEST because women are so underrepresented in just about every music festival that's ever happened," she said.

"But then I started thinking that it's not just the music industry where we're a minority, but in almost every aspect of the arts industry!" Gwyn said.

GRRRL FEST was founded in mid-2020 when Aotearoa was in the depths of a global pandemic, the #BLM movement and one of the most important NZ elections of our lifetimes - a revolutionary time.

"So this is my offering to the world," Gwyn said. "To showcase the high level of talent we have, and create a festival that shouts 'we're not going to take the back seat anymore'!"

Grrrl Fund Arts Trust Founders L-R: Kat Waswo, Gwyn Barrie (Chairperson) & Lisa Clausen
Grrrl Fund Arts Trust Founders L-R: Kat Waswo, Gwyn Barrie (Chairperson) & Lisa Clausen

Gwyn established the charitable trust Grrrl Fund Arts Trust (GFAT) in Kirikiriroa Hamilton with founding trustees Lisa Clausen and Kat Waswo (Est. October 2020) to provide support for local female and non-gender-conforming creatives.

Grrrl Fund Arts Trust (GFAT)


To facilitate community events, and provide platforms for local creatives with the intention of building future opportunities for talented individuals, groups and projects within a female-led environment.

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