Fri 14 - Sun 16 May

#grrrlfestnz #GF2021

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Hailing from Tāmaki Makaurau, singer-songwriter Dani is a dreamy-soul-pop artist with a love for lyrics and stylistic fluidity.

With simply a keyboard and microphone - Dani's performances are fervent, honest and compelling. 

For GRRRL FEST, Dani will be accompanied by her talented sister, Tee, on acoustic violin: an experience of raw harmony collusion.


Soul singer and songwriter from the Waikato, Faith creates original roots-reggae music with spiritually-inspired lyrics that flow-over simple acoustic guitar rhythms -  which is her special talent.

After singing and performing over many years, Faith's solo act displays her great love of humanity, justice, hope and kindness - addressed to all hearts that may hear it.


Little Bok Choy AKA Eva Choy is an Auckland based DJ and artist. She's recently played at queer events such as Queer Af, Lick Auckland and Milk and Honey. 

With a style not limited to one genre, she brings an eclectic vibe to her sets - spinning the best of hip-hop, R&B, afrobeats, and house/electronic. Think: Low-fi beats to study and relax to.


With her catchy melodies and deeply personal lyrics, Sabreen has captivated live audiences across NZ and is now ready to share her music with the world, starting with her debut releases in 2020.

After supporting artists including NZ's pop sensation Jamie McDell, Sabreen is an artist to watch in the coming years as she prepares to share her music with the world.


Raglan based duo 'TeamSquad' blend crisp keyboards, heavy synthesizers, acoustic drums and soulful vocals into a groovy alternative take on R&B.

Their debut EP 'Sassbucket' is packed full of catchy melodies, addictive hooks and free-flowing riffs - all of which were crafted during the 2020 lockdown.


Powerhouse pun queen and princess of peel, Banana Jolie is known for ripping up stages across the Antipodean festival circuit with her energetic, witty comedy cabaret - and delightful costumes.

A Banana Jolie show features dance, comedy and music. This multi-talented queen also holds a long record of sold-out shows across Aotearoa and Australia.


Pitchy LaRoux is a plus size diva here to give you high energy, big laughs and just a tiny drowning of sexy. She is here to entertain you and leave you with her name on your mouth at the end of the night.

Daughter to Vanessa Bayonet Coven-Carangi LaRoux, Pitchy started performing drag only two years ago and has since been blazing the national drag show trails.


Alice Alva is a multi-disciplinary artist and art educator based in Te-Whanganui-a-Tara, Wellington.

Working across drawing and illustration, embroidery and textiles, painting and graphic design, her work is situated at the intersection between art and craft and the act of making.


Curator for the GRRRL FEST exhibition 'WORK', Eliza is also key operator and gallery manager of Never Project Space which has just recently celebrated it's 5th birthday in Frankton, Kirikiriroa.

Practicing artist, gallery curator and creative arts advocate, Eliza will be delighting locals  by adding her own personal piece (and flair) to the art show.


Lucie Blaze is a graphic designer, art tutor and practising artist. She is originally from the Czech Republic but resides in Aotearoa. 

She is a founder and operator of Lucie Blaze - limited edition skateboard collections and creative workshops for youths and women. Lucie's love for art and design connects with her desire for helping others, sharing skills and uplifting young people through art.


Formed in the depths of Mount Roskill, three punk-rock-mums (Shannon, Kelsie and Annie) had a dream. To make a super rad pop punk band with a message.

Add two friends Paddy and Alex, the 5-piece make songs about menstrual freedom, taking a stand against domestic violence, and of course killing horrible men.
Cootie Cuties has something for everyone.


Up-and-coming R&B-pop artist Iris G is a multi-talented instrumentalist, music producer, song writer and performer.

Encompassing influences from the early-2000's, Iris G has a sass that could only be envied and adored. 'Not to be missed', Iris G will be accompanied by her dancers and an up-beat 'bad bitch' music mix.


Nothing But Hole are a group of wahine from Tāmaki Makaurau who share a mutual love for Courtney Love and Hole. Curated over years of drunken conversations and various Facebook call outs, this hand picked supergroup came to fruition in 2019, starting the best Hole tribute band in the world..Its true - Google it.


Local artist and creative act Sadie Black was borne from an impromptu musical project in Auckland circa 2018.

Now singer, instrumentalist and music producer, Sadie is based in both Kirikiriroa and Raglan, and will be debuting her latest tracks at GRRRL FEST 2021.


TOOMS are a noisy bass and drum duo from Tāmaki Makaurau. Their uncouth and disheveled music is engaging and off-kilter with intertwining vocals, fuzzed out bass and catastrophic drumming. 

Drummer Dorian and bassist Nich AKA TOOMS play a distinct, raw and idiosyncratic version of punk. While they both sing, neither of them have ever been nominated for a Silver Scroll.


Laura Lockhart is a pole dancer, aerial fitness instructor and all round aerial enthusiast. She has been obsessed with the empowering art form of pole-dance since her first lesson in her homeland, Scotland.

Known for making power tricks appear effortless, the expert holds multiple national NZ pole competition titles to her name - a masterful magician full of tricks to behold.


Sassy is an introverted recluse who enjoys attention. She came out of the forest last year for just long enough to win the intermediate division of New Zealand Amateur pole performer. It was too much excitement so she had to hide in a box for several months. 

Kaboom is very excited to be a part of GRRRL Fest 2021, and is looking forward to hiding in a box again soon.


Painter and drawer Alice Bray is influenced by cryptic symbolism, language and ritualism.

Her work morphs into unified symbolic structures, which seek to both lure and haunt, bearing the appearance of something organic yet otherworldly - a divine combination of gloomy and seductive. 


Helen Dowling likes painting people. 

 She is interested in the aspect of the human condition that causes behaviour that sits uneasily with the person doing the behaviour. 
The results are often unsettling. 

Helen graduated with an MFA from Whitecliffe Auckland in 2017.


Locally based ceramic artist and sculptor, Sylvia Sinel's new series of mixed media sculptures is a continuum on many late nights of exploration during the Covid19 lockdown. 

The treasured extra studio time in 2020 was spent experimenting with a wild mix of materials and mediums, which resulted in an explosion of colour and quirky form.


EJ sings bluesey-soul-jazz vocal loops about adventures in polyamory as a queer nuerodivergent millenial parent: a plight beyond settler-imposed sexuality/family structures to create mentally sustainable living solutions.

Acapella artist EJ crafts soulful live-looped tracks using only vocal techniques, body percussion and a Boss RC-505 loop station.


Building her musicianship in Kirikiriroa, local artist Jayde P is a multi-talented queen who may also be recognised around the NZ music scene from her band 'JP and The Drag Kings'.

Saxophonist and guitarist, Jayde P also acquires vocal settings which have been described as 'like a cigarette dipped in a whiskey barrel, then cured in raw Manuka honey that still stangs'. 


An electro cabaret trash queen who is smashing the patriarchy one dick-crushing song at a time, Scarlett will be joined by Natattack - a feisty party monster of the best kind to bring you a ball busting show. 

A genre-bending act of comedy, performance art and banging beats - Scarlett Lashes is an artistic act which will certainly be a festival highlight.


Smashing out a nation-wide tour during the summer, VïkÆ celebrated her debut EP release 'FINELINES' in 2020 which has gained thousands of streams and much deserved recognition.

VïkÆ performs solo with a mix of self-produced tracks, vocals and keys to bring together a high-energy, unforgettable show.


Local dancing hero - creator, curator and director of burlesque - Patty Smack is ready to throw it back (into the audience, maybe)!

Director of Auckland's debaucherous cabaret 'SNUFF' - Smack has taught, performed and choreographed an extensive collection of dance styles throughout working on cruise ships, cabaret, film, stage productions and more.


Vanessa LaRoux is a self-professed 'crown-less pageant queen with a Can-Do attitude!' 

Expert MC and relentless performer on the Auckland drag scene, Vanessa is an absolute crowd favourite who relishes every single moment on and off stage.

A verocious leader of her art form, LaRoux is also a regular feature at Tāmaki Makaurau's premier gay bar, G.A.Y.


Briana Woolliams is a Tāmaki Makaurau based artist whose work incorporates poetry, sculpture, printmaking, textiles and text-based works.

This multi-disciplinary artist, who has displayed works across NZ and Australia, is known for her work which explores the intersections of human experience, language and gender.


Mother of two children and a grandparent from Auckland, Louise Keen is an emerging artist borne from a career in fashion production and design.

Concerned with the impact of mass consumption on the global environment, Louise explores traditional craft techniques to re-purpose ubiquitous objects - extending the looker beyond materialism - creating dialogue around potential social and environmental implications.


Multi award winning artist and pottery expert from Kirikiriroa, Naomi Roche will be displaying her skilled artistry and sculpting methodology at the 'WORK' exhibition.

Pottery educator and well known to the local art scene, Naomi is also a staunch leader and advocate for the local creative arts communities across Hamilton and the greater Waikato.